Beaming is the Angels primary means of quickly travelling around Earth and Heaven. Beaming is used by both Angels in Training and adult angels. An A.i.T is capable of beaming only two people at once (one being themselves) which Porter reveals in the episode "Taking Care of Quiz-ness" because he doesn't has the strength yet to beam more then 2 people.

Adult angels are capable of beaming at least 3 people (including themselves)and likely more depending on their strength. An example of an adult angel beaming 3 people at once is Dr. Cassabi beaming himself Porter and the angel doctor to Heaven's halo clinic in the episode "One Flu Over the Talent Show".

Humans can also be beamed away by an angel in training or an adult angel. In the episode "Alex in Slumberland" when Denise went into Alex dreamworld to rescue Carl she explains that when an angels beams he/or she is extremely hard to track so she used the opportunity to hug Carl because if she would do it when she was being watched all hell would break lose up there so she thankfully made use off that unique situation. Beaming is done by the same way as an angel normally sends there magic.When a angel beams away you see some magic dust.

It is the result of seeing Porter beam away which makes Jane Casey finally become aware of angels in "By Myself...with Carl and TV".

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