By Myself...with Carl and TV
Season 2.2, Episode 14
By Myself
Air Date December 24, 2011
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By Myself...with Carl and TV is the fourteenth episode of season 2.2 of Wingin' It which broadcasted on December 24, 2011.


Carl is surprised when Serge challenges him to The Strongest Man competition, but not as surprised as Serge when Carl beats him thanks to magical strength from Porter. Unfortunately, Carl breaks his leg.

He is stuck at home and bored, he asks Porter to gives him a magic set of TV monitors so he can keep up with school. While watching the monitors, Carl is shocked to see Jane witness Porter doing magic. Now it's up to Carl and Porter to keep Jane from exposing Porter's secret.

Meanwhile, Denise and Brittany interview Bennett High students and teachers for the video yearbook, and are shocked to learn Serge has given up sports after being defeated by Carl.