Season 2.1, Episode 12
Wingin' it CarlAltDelete
Air Date May 26, 2011
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Carl+Alt+Delete is the twelfth episode of season 2.1 which was first broadcast on May 26, 2011.


When Porter's magic accidentally sends Carl into Jane's computer, Carl gets bounced around to several different electronic devices. He eventually makes his way into the computer of new student, Ty (Brandon Craggs), and discovers that Ty has been cheating on his tests.

Worse still, when Porter eventually frees Carl from the computer, Ty frames Carl for hacking Mr. Dolby's (Matt Baram) computer. Carl faces expulsion and has until the end of the day to prove that he is innocent. Also tackling a tricky situation is Denise, who tries to get Brittany and Serge to understand Oliver Twist.

She brings back Charles Dickens (Eric Peterson) for help, but even he has trouble getting them to relate to anything but themselves. Carl manages to get into Ty's computer and proves his innocence by e-mailing the proof to Principal Malone. Denise eventually gets Brittany and Serge to relate to Oliver Twist by making them imagine what would happen if their phone or reputation was taken away from them. They finally understand what life was like for Oliver and successfully act out the play in front of the class.