Hold the Dressing
Season 01, Episode 06
Air Date May 2, 2010
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Hold the Dressing is the sixth episode of the first season which was first broadcast on May 2, 2010.


When Brittany exudes about a new fashion shop called Failed State, Porter enchants Carl into telling her he works there, thinking it might increase his popularity.

Carl is then forced to go through a job interview process with the manger Courtney , and with the help of Porter he is given a job in stock. However, when an old women asks him to try on a dress, he feels out of his depth, particularly when asked to twirl in the shop. He is seen by fashion guru Franz, who hires him to be the star of his fashion show.

Meanwhile Jane and Alex are struggling to finish a business assignment on time and get their recording footage stolen by a mall security guard.but in the end Carl's new fashion statement saves them.