One Flu Over the Talent Show
Season 01, Episode 05
Air Date April 25, 2010
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One Flu Over the Talent Show is the fifth episode of the first season which was first broadcast on April 25, 2010.


When the main sponsor of the school's volleyball team pulls out of a deal to send the side to the tournament, Carl, Porter and Jane think up ways to raise the required funds.

The idea of a talent show is agreed upon, and auditions are held. Things seem to be going well but when the star act pulls out, it seems that there will be no headline act. Porter thinks up a plan to make Carl's band, the Quesadillas, the stars of the show, but when Porter cannot perform due to a case of angel flu, he uses magic to help Carl perform an unorthodox version of This Little Light Of Mine, which is a big hit with the audience.