Wingin' It

Wingin' It is a Canadian teen sitcom. The series is produced by Temple Street Productions in association with Family Channel. It stars Demetrius Joyette and Dylan Everett. The show is broadcast regularly on CBBC in the United Kingdom.

It was originally titled Angel on Campus.Family announced that the series was renewed for a third season on June 13, 2011


Wingin‘ It is Family's series about a teenage odd couple. One half of the couple is Porter Jackson, a carefree sixteen year old Angel-In-Training (AIT) who has been sent to Earth to get his angel wings.

The other half is Carl Montclaire, a fifteen year old typical high school kid who has been going through a run of bad luck. Little things seem to always be going wrong in Carl’s life. For Porter to get his angel wings, he’s been given the assignment of making Carl the most popular kid at Bennett High.


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Wingin' It is a Canadian teen sitcom. It has run for two seasons do far with a total episode count of 40 episodes. The show started on April 3, 2010.

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